CITATION For the Queen Mother Memorial Medal awarded by the Scottish Caledonian Horticultural Society 1st March 2016.

Wendy & John Mattingley

Cluny is an iconic woodland garden. The late Bobby Masterton started it in 1949 with plants and seeds, many from the Himalayas and China collected by the Ludlow-Sherriff expeditions. His daughter Wendy grew up here. She trained as a home economics teacher while her husband John taught physics until recently. Neither has had any professional training in horticulture.   In 1987, following the deaths of the Mastertons, they took over responsibility for managing the garden. It has been a labour of love ever since. Wendy is the administrator and weeder while John is the grower and propagator. Skilled use of materials such as leaf mould make this a garden where organic and peat free really do work.  They know the plants so well they do not use labels. They feel they detract from the natural feel of the garden. Wendy has devised   sets of waterproof cards to allow visitors to wander round and identify notable plants.  At six acres Cluny is a relatively   small woodland garden but, to quote the Telegraph’s gardening correspondent:   ‘In no other garden have so many rare and beautiful woodland plants been gathered together and grown with such finesse.’  Year round interest is strong with fruits, bark, shape and texture notable when flowers are scarce.  Plants others find difficult such as the petiolarid primulas are a Cluny speciality. The garden is wildlife friendly and one of the best places in the country to see red squirrels.  Wendy has recorded 100 bird species in the garden.   She also monitors birds of prey in Perthshire. 

In addition John and I would like to add the following:

On the 1st March 2016 we were very honoured to receive the Queen Mother Memorial Medal from the Royal Caledonian Horticultural Society “The Caley”. This was in recognition of our outstanding services to Scottish Horticulture in an amateur capacity. We were very surprised and delighted to receive this accolade. There are many people to thank for supporting us over the years beginning with my two sisters Marjorie and Gail and brother-in-law Alistair who enabled my parents’ wishes for us to take over Cluny. 
We have been at Cluny full-time since 1987 and over the years have had a number of ladies helping in the garden either with the weeding or the propagation. They have all had their own influence on the garden and given greatly of their time, loyalty and effort. Hopefully none have been forgotten -  Fiona, Eilidh, Sarah, Mrs. B, Meg, Helen, Judy, Ailsa, Pam, Theresa and Louise.
There have also been one or two gentlemen! Tom Christian came as a school student and worked here in holiday times and is now fully committed to a career in horticulture. Sarah’s boys helped at various times over their summer holidays. Ken who lived in our flat for a number of years gave much free time to help John with the heavier jobs in the garden and assisted with computer questions. My late Uncle Ian, a professional horticulturalist, gave great advice and worked with us in the early years and Fritz who attempted to influence us with his precision but always with a sense of humour.
There have been many loyal visitors and horticultural groups making repeated visits to Cluny who have enjoyed the changes throughout the seasons. We have had encouragement from a number of the experts and generous gifts of plants or seeds from individuals and institutions.
We would also like to give a special thank you to Stan da Prato and Julia Corden for nominating us for the Queen Mother Memorial Medal.
Obviously we must not forget my parents for creating Cluny, such a special garden.